LAST UPDATED ON 2020-09-15 00:13:19

CARROLLTON - The West Carrollton School District on Thursday notified parents of four positive COVID-19 cases reported at West Carrollton High School.

In an email sent to the parents, West Carrollton said it is working closely with the health department and carefully following its health and safety protocols.

Officials said the school district shifted the launch of its 2020-21 school year back to fully online, but students would also be provided with in-school help if needed.

The district told parents that those with children directly affected were notified directly.

West Carrollton Superintendent Dr. Andrea Townsend said on Tuesday the Pirates' football team would not practice or compete for the next two weeks following the initial report of one coronavirus case surfacing among students.

This would leave Carrollton off the field until Sept. 21 at the earliest.