Jordan Miller

Jordan Miller

News Reporter


Roles & Responsibilities
Jordan will serve as the news reporter for the TUSCO TV News Department where he will gather and share up-to-date information online, tv and across social media platforms.

Upon graduation of high school, Miller was offered a job in 2015 as the Managing Sports Editor at the Free Press Standard in Carrollton where he still covers local sports in Carroll County. In March of 2017, he accepted a job in Steubenville at NBC News affiliate WTOV9. In June of 2018, Miller moved to Cleveland after accepting a position with WKYC.

Miller has covered many stories including inspirational stories, mass shootings, natural disasters, and human-interest stories. He has reported from Los Angeles, California while covering the tragic deaths of NBA legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others in a helicopter crash and from Pittsburgh when 11 members of the Jewish community were gunned down while worshiping in the Tree of Life Synagogue. He has had the fortunate opportunity to cover both President Obama and President Trump while they were visiting Ohio in 2018 and 2019.

His favorite part about reporting is meeting new people and seeing different parts of the country.

Miller enjoys spending his off time with his friends and family, including his fiance Makaela; riding his motorcycles; photographing sports and taste testing wine.

When not at work, Jordan’s life revolves around

• Family
• Riding his motorcycle
• Watching sports
• Taste testing wine, a lot

Little known facts

• Jordan is a strong photographer
• His first job was in a Steel Mill, he’s thankful to all of the men and women who retired from a Mill.
• He performed and had lead roles in his school musicals
• He loves to sing, although not very well at all

Favorite Shows

• Any sporting event on TV
• Grey’s Anatomy
• The Office
• Friends