LAST UPDATED ON 2020-09-15 00:13:14

Columbus OH


Dr. Amy Acton resigns as Ohio Department of Health director

Today, Dr Amy Acton has reigned as the director of the Ohio Department of Health, but will still advise Gov. Mike Dewine on COVID-19 and other health related issues.

Acton was appointed director of the Ohio Department of Health in February 2019 by Gov. Dewine. She has been the leader and face of Ohio’s response to fighting the coronavirus. In his press conference today Dewine stated: “I will always believe and know that many, many lives have been saved because of the advice that I received from her and the great work that she did,”

Acton took much heat over her response to COVID-19 because of her swift actions in closing down businesses in the state. In May, Republican lawmakers started writing bills that decreased her power and called for her removal. Many protesters gathered outside of her home calling for her resignation over the past couple of months. “I’m sorry that anyone in elected office goes through this,” Acton said.

Lance Himes (who served under Gov. John Kasich) will be the new interim Health Department director.

-Mikey Rogers, Tusco TV