LAST UPDATED ON 2021-09-01 02:31:46

MIDVALE - On Saturday night at Midvale Speedway, Tabitha Stuber became the first female season and point champion in the history of the 67-year-old race track.

Stuber was atop the Trophy Stock Division by nine points, as she never finished outside the top two in six features since June 20.

"The win meant a lot to me," said Stuber, "Especially because it was my first year of racing."

Stuber followed with thanks to her father, as well as those who helped her get into racing.

"I’m glad that my dad got me into racing and helped me love the sport. I’m also glad that I have Dan Buckey and Bart Busby to help me learn more about racing."

My favorite part about my win was seeing my dad's face and seeing how happy he was."

Stuber also hopes to see more drivers like her at Midvale in the coming future.

"I wish in the next upcoming years to see more girls in the sport because it’s not just a boys sport."

"I’m looking forward to seeing what the upcoming years bring in my racing career."