LAST UPDATED ON 2020-09-15 00:36:26

STRASBURG – During their win over the East Canton Hornets last Friday, the Strasburg Tigers football team donned camouflage uniforms, in honor of the Ohio Army National Guard.

The state National Guard is rotating ten sets of uniforms between Ohio high schools this season, to be worn by teams recognizing the O.N.G.

The Tigers wore these uniforms, along with their standard orange and black helmets, on the same night as the nineteenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Curtis Metzger, the head coach for the Tigers, is applied to the National Guard earlier this year and had players attend boot camp earlier this summer.

“The boot camp we experienced with the National Guard in July isn’t one of the players’ favorite things,” said Metzger, “But the team bonding, unity, and respect for each teammate to learn is something that you can’t pass up.”

Metzger said he liked his players wearing the uniforms during last Friday’s game.

“Wearing the jerseys was a nice reward and honor for our players. Hopefully this is a memory that the boys will always remember looking back.”