TUSCARAWAS COUNTY (WJER) - Everyone at both Dover and New Philadelphia schools have been counting down the hours to tonight’s football game at Crater Stadium.

New Philadelphia High School Principal Eric Jurkovic, who also used to coach, says the Quakers need to stick with what’s worked for them if they want to remain undefeated.

“Run the ball, throw the ball, just do the things we’ve done on the regular season… you know, [with] the adrenaline, the excitement of the game, as it always is, just to stay [on] task of what your job is to do for tonight,” he says.

Dover High School Principal Brooke Grafe was saying they were having their last pep rally in the gym today.

“Next year, we’ll be celebrating this in a new facility. That gym will still be there, of course, but it’ll be used as an auxiliary gym so our cheerleading advisor has some tricks up her sleeves today. We’re looking forward to a great day just for the students, and we actually bring our middle-schoolers up for that, too, which we love because they bring, as I think anybody who’s been in middle school knows, a real unique energy,” she says.

Grafe and Jurkovic were live on WJER this morning with Bill Morgan outside Crater Stadium as part of the station’s continuing game-day coverage.