DOVER (WJER) - A recent white house press secretary has been sharing behind the scenes stories of Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency while encouraging Republicans to stay active.  

Sean Spicer spoke at the Tuscarawas County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner at the Tool Shed at Breitenbach Winery Thursday.  Spicer talked about how the 2016 Trump campaign sent people out into the field to collect data and create profiles on all voters to learn more about their tendencies.

“What makes someone Republican, what makes them a Democrat, and more importantly what makes them potentially vote Democrat,” he said. “We really want to understand that and figure out how to have a one-on-one relationship with every voter.”

Spicer also asked attendees to engage young people at schools, churches, and businesses about the Trump presidency.

This is a politician, a president who is coming back to the voters saying I did exactly what I said I was going to do. But better than just being able to say, hey, I kept my word, it’s that my policies worked and are getting results and are making this country a better place,” he said.

Tuscarawas County Republican Party Chair Doug Wills says he’s proud of all of those involved.

“What an outstanding evening,” he said. “We are so blessed.”

The evening included Spicer signing copies of his book for all in attendance and the auctioning of different items signed by either him or the president.