DOVER (WJER) - The city of Dover will perform its annual power plant shutdown and inspection this spring, but this year’s will be a bit more thorough. City council recently approved a $545,000 expenditure to cover the costs associated with the comprehensive maintenance procedures. Power plant superintendent David Filippi says this takes place every few years.

“The turbine generator this year, every five years, it gets disassembled, maintenanced, cleaned, checked out, and then, put back together.”

Council’s ordinance says the procedure keeps the power plant operating cleanly and efficiently. City officials say the companies used for the inspection are either the original manufacturers or the only companies providing the necessary parts. Filippi says he does not anticipate any problems.

“We aren’t expecting any major problems with it. We see no issue that is rearing its head right now. Everything is running excellent.”

Filippi says residents won’t notice a change in their power supply during the shutdown. He says they do it in the spring when power usage isn’t too high.