DENNISON (Tusco TV) - Railroad Festival Committee members are looking for a few dedicated community members willing to step up and start organizing the event so it can continue.

Festival Chairman Greg DiDonato says they’re having an informational meeting for anyone interested in heading up the festival starting next year this Saturday at 10 am in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church in Dennison. DiDonato says they’re looking for people to step into leadership roles with the current group announcing plans to disband after the most recent festival. 

"The whole purpose is to see who shows up and who’s willing, not necessarily volunteers only. What we’re looking for here is leadership. There’s gonna have to be people, someone chairing or co-chairing, a secretary, a treasurer because as we’ve stated, the previous board, which the majority of the members have been on this for at least 20, 25-plus years, are done," he says.

DiDonato says the festival can run with 8 to 10 people, and he says the roles don’t involve a huge time commitment.

"Believe it or not, this current board has only been meeting four or five times a year for the last seven, eight years. It’s not complicated but you gotta have people to do it," he says.  

DiDonato says the new organizers will have the continued support of groups like the Dennison Rotary Club and Uhrichsville Moose that have historically headed up some of the events. Plus, he says a few of the committee members are willing to stick around to help them get started.