NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - Tuscarawas County Humane Society officials are reminding us to think of our pets around Independence Day.  

Director Haley Predragovich says loud fireworks can cause them a lot of stress.

“They hear that big bang, crash, boom type situations, they get extremely overwhelmed,” she says. “They don’t know what is causing that, and their anxiety levels definitely skyrocket, whether it’s them trembling or cowering in a corner or trying to hide.” 

Predragovich says this results in many run-aways each year.

“Unfortunately, I have heard of animals actually busting through doors, breaking through windows because they’re so afraid, so even at home, even if they are inside, making sure they have maybe a safe kennel or crate that you can cover,” she says.

Predragovich says it’s also good to make sure the pets have collars with name tags and phone numbers on them, even if they are being kept indoors. Having them micro-chipped is also effective.