DOVER (WJER) - A local financial consultant is offering advice on how to be wiser with our money and establish some resolutions that are easier to attain.

Elaine Parrot from the Cavalena Group at Raymond James Financial Services in Dover says one sure way to save up money is to start small and increase the amount you set aside as the year goes on….

“We’re in our first week so you put a dollar in the kitty. Next week, it’s Week 2 so you put $2 in. The following week is Week 3 so you put $3 in, and you do that until the end of the year and you should have a heck of a nice little kitty there to do whatever you want, go on vacation, start an investment,” she says.

Parrot also says don’t waste money on coffee…

“Some of those companies can be very, very expensive, and if you add those up every single day until the end of the year, you would have your savings if you said that it was impossible to save,” she says.

Parrot also says don’t let vacation time offered by your employer go unused.

“When you go on vacation, you become a better employee. You become a better spouse. You become a better parent. You become a better child. You start putting things into perspective, and it’s just mentally healthy for you to take the time off,” she says.

Parrot also says don’t ever miss a student loan payment, don’t buy a home you cannot afford and don’t skimp on car insurance.