DOVER (Tusco TV) - Dover police and the Tuscarawas County Coroner’s Office are investigating after a three-month-old died at a city residence over the weekend. 

Police call records indicate the 911 call came Saturday just after 12:30 pm after the infant was found unresponsive in a duplex in the 700-block of Emerson Avenue. Detective Jason Peters says an investigation is routine in these types of situations.

“As with any infant death, it’s pretty standard procedure to have an investigation. We’re assisting the coroner’s office with that,” he says. 

Peters says an autopsy will likely be conducted sometime this week although it could be several months before the results come back. 

“It could take three to four months is my understanding. I think Dr. Cameron said until the results are forwarded to his county office is about three to four months,” he says. 

Peters was unable to say whether the infant lived at the residence.