LAST UPDATED ON 2020-12-17 09:42:34

Dover Public Library calling for vintage postcards

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY, Ohio - The Dover Public Library and the Dover Historical Society Archives are looking for postcards.

The library put out a statement Tuesday, issuing a community call for historic and vintage postcards of Dover and Canal Fulton, Ohio. The D.H.S.A. plans to scan and digitize these postcards to place on their Archives website for the community to enjoy.

"The history of postcards in America dates back to the 1870s and became one of America's fastest-growing hobbies," says Noah Gill, library intern and Bethany College student. "Dover has a very rich and fascinating history and we are asking the community to help us with this project by donating or lending us their vintage postcards of Dover. Digitizing our past through projects like this will help preserve the story of Dover for future generations."

The Dover Historical Society Archives is located at the Dover Public Library and is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The Dover Public Library is located at 525 N. Walnut St., directly across the street from the new Dover High School.