BOLIVAR (TuscoTV) - Street Superindent and Zoning Inspector David Franks told us today that the Village of Bolivar will begin compost pick up this coming Monday, March 30th. Franks says the decision came from a combination of the coronavirus outbreak and the improved seasonal weather.


“We utilize township bays," Franks says. "With this pandemic going and people having to stay at home, and you know, the weathers nice; we figured we’d start a little bit early.”


The township compost pick up service normally doesn’t begin until the 3rd week of April, so residents should prepare for the early start and do their part to help out. 


“There’s only going to be myself picking it up, so we don’t want the barrels too heavy. And then, the stipulation of the township is, no limbs longer than 3-foot long.”


According to, composting is important because it conditions soil, recycles kitchen and yard waste, reduces landfill space, and benefits the environment. They recommend a Carbon and Nitrogen ration with one-third green materials and two-thirds brown materials.


Pro tip: Put Carbon-rich waste on top of Nitrogen-rich waste to avoid a damp, smelly, and slowly-decomposing compost.


Things you should compost

Wood chips

Table scraps (not meat or bones though.)

Straw or hay


Coffee grounds (filter too)

Leaves and grass clippings

Dryer lint



Things you should NOT compost

Meat scraps or bones

Perennial weeds or diseased plants

Pet waste (if compost is meant for food crops)

Banana peels/peach peels/orange rinds (may contain pesticides)

Black walnuts


Franks, concludes with the hope that residents will get up and get active in ways which still promote safety and social distancing. And composting is a good way to start.

“We just kind of hope people get out and get a little exercise during all this stuff that’s going on. We’ll be around next Monday and start picking up. So hopefully, people will get out and get some stuff going for us.”

For further questions on composting or other street-related matters, contact Superintendent and Zoning Inspector David Franks at 330-795-8554.