New Philadelphia’s Tree Technicians quite literally went above and beyond today to show the students at South Elementary how they work to earn Tree City USA status, in honor of Arbor Day. (Ryan Pastircak, WJER Radio)

New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - City leaders put on a show during their Arbor Day presentation at South Elementary Monday morning. 

Mayor Joel Day, Service Director Ron McAbier, and the city’s service department leaders were explaining how they take care of trees around New Phila when Principal Jackie Triplett asked to see the bucket truck in action. McAbier says they like to show the kids that they care about keeping the city in touch with nature. 

“I think it’s very important for just not a city but everybody to be involved in Arbor Day and just be out there planting trees,” he says.

McAbier says each student that attended the ceremony was given a Norway Spruce to plant at home. He says with their own tree maintenance program and now 400-kids planting their own this year, New Phila really is Tree City USA.

“We sure hope that they go home and plant them,” he says. “These would be planted on their property. We take care of the trees that are in the curb strips.”

The city began celebrating Arbor Day at the elementary schools last year, with plans to go to eventually visit them all.


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