LAST UPDATED ON 2021-03-05 18:20:23

22-year-old man dies from gunshot wound in New Philadelphia

By Mitch Spinell

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Ohio - A young man is dead after a shooting last night in New Philadelphia.

Police were called out to the area in the 600 block of the city's 11th street NW for reports of gunshots at 12:05 a.m. on Friday.

Detective Capt. Sean Nelson identified the deceased as Gaven J. Carlisle of the New Philadelphia area.

Chief Michael Goodwin says that interviews are currently being conducted to determine a motive behind the shooting and to locate suspects, and says a Chevrolet Cobalt may have been involved and that the police are actively searching for the vehicle.

“Starting to gather videos, you know from doorbells and things like that, to see if we can find anything that matches that," says Goodwin. "Also, be looking at businesses that are in the area that would have been open at that time of night and see if maybe these individuals had stopped in there either prior or after the incident.”