DOVER (WJER) - A Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital dietician has advice for people resolving to manage their weight in the new year. 

Holly Hartzler says people need to be patient as the weight won’t come off all at once.

“Consistency makes the biggest difference. This is a slow and steady process, and their weight will fluctuate in-between times that they’re weighing, so in a matter of three months they might see their weight go down pretty quickly and then go up a little bit, and then if they work hard and stay consistent with exercise and healthy eating, they’re gonna see their weight drop off a little bit.”

She says restrictive diets are hard to stick to, so people should keep things they like in their diet.

“For sure we don’t ever encourage people to totally eliminate any food or food group. As far as a cheat day goes, I wouldn’t say that I would give somebody an entire day but always let them know that any food is permitted, and if they feel like the really messed up just to get back on track at the next meal.”

Hartzler says she usually tells people to start their diets with the basics – whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, lean meats, and healthy types of fats. She says healthy weight loss is a half-pound to two pounds a week.