New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - City officials say drivers will want to find a way across town today other than Wabash Avenue near the stadium.  

New Philadelphia Service Director Ron McAbier says they have the road closed temporarily between North Broadway and Third Street NW to fix a water line.

“We had leak seekers come in, and what that is, they find leaks that haven’t been obvious for us to see,” he says. “We put that patch in, and naturally now, we have a leak right there. They’re actually up there repairing it now.” 

McAbier says it’s been a rough winter for the aging water lines.

“By the end of this week, we’ll have 52 degrees, and then I’m sure we’ll have another good freeze,” he says. “Anytime you do that and that earth moves, it’s going to find your weak points in your system. It usually does.”

McAbier says they expect to get Wabash open again by the end of the day.  



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