UHRICHSVILLE - Council will begin looking at replacement options for the city's anti-strikebreaker ordinance after voting Thursday to remove it from the books.

A resolution to repeal the more than 40-year-old ordinance passed 4-to-2 Thursday on the third reading. But council president Mark Haney says the way the motion was made created some confusion. 

"I guess there was some confusion there when there wasn’t a motion right away and then there was a motion and then the second motion kind of confused them because after that motion was made the councilman asked will this go into a committee, and I think that’s where it confused a couple of the people on how they voted," he says.  

Haney says the matter of replacing the repealed ordinance will now be handled in committee, although he says that would have happened no matter how the vote played out.

"They had an option of either voting to rescind it, which meant they would be voting yes to do away with it or voting no which would keep it on the books and then at that point I would still have to put it in committee for review or if they didn’t get a motion on the floor it would die there, and I was going to put it in committee also based on the advice from our law director," he says.

Mayor Rick Dorland says strikebreaker ordinances have routinely been ruled unconstitutional. He's doesn't think they'll be able to come up with a replacement that would stand up in court.

"My first thing would be to try to find a municipality in the state of Ohio that has been tested in the courts and has been found to be constitutional and then get a copy of it and then research it and do what they need to do but I don’t think they’re going to find one. I could be wrong," he says.

Haney says he’ll confer with Law Director JJ Ong on the matter once he gets back from vacation. 


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