Uhrichsville, Ohio - The Twin Cities Kids Coalition is partnering with Claymont High School to make sure every student is able to attend this year’s prom.

Coalition coordinator Wendy Mann says they are collecting new and gently-used formal dresses, shoes, accessories and cash donations to help prospective prom-goers who don’t have the means to purchase those items. She says this is something they’ve done for prom and homecoming the last three years so all students can attend these events and make lasting memories.

“There are a lot of people who have never experienced this, but you’re only young once… to be able to go to something like that and say, ‘Hey, yeah, I was a part of my classes homecoming or prom,’ that in and of itself. Memories last a lifetime, and you carry it with you,” she says.

Mann says they are also looking for suits and tuxes or people willing to sponsor those items so boys can also enjoy a fun and stress-free prom experience.  

“Dresses come in easier than we do get suits or tuxes, so it’s hard to find something for the gentlemen, and by having somebody sponsor a young man, we can make sure that they, too, can have a fun and stress-free night,” she says.

Mann says people can mail monetary donations to the Twin Cities Kids Coalition at 121 South Lake St. in Uhrichsville, while item donations can be dropped off two different locations.

“You could take the dresses to the Uhrichsville Phone Zone on Water Street. That’s 210 N. Water St., or you can simply just drop off a dress out at the Claymont High School and let the office lady know or Ms. Conn, the high school principal, know that you are making a donation for the Cinderella Closet, and they will make sure that it’ll get to us,” she says.

Mann says this is a year-round collection, but she says people need to have their donations turned in before March 26th if they want their items to go toward this year’s prom. The coalition is looking volunteers willing to do hair, makeup and nails on April 27th, the day of Claymont’s prom. 


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