New Philadelphia, Ohio - The Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition is hosting a community forum to help clear up any confusion over Ohio’s new medical marijuana law.

Coordinator Jodi Salvo says the group has recruited a pair of experts for the event next Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8 at the Kent Tusc Science and Advanced Technology Center.

“We have a unique opportunity that one of our speakers is actually on the Ohio Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee, Marcie Seidel, so she was involved in all the rules and regulations in the development of the Ohio program, and we also have a physician, a local physician, Dr. Lori Kuehne,” she says.

Salvo says those speakers will talk about the types of products being offered in Ohio’s dispensaries along as their potential medical benefits and potency.

“Mrs. Seidel will be able to education on the potency of some of these products, the forms, what someone would maybe want to ask if they’re going in to receive product,” she says. “I think there is a lot of misconceptions that you’re given a prescription that tells you what dose and amount and how to take the product and that’s not the case, and that’ll be something Dr. Kuehne can also educate on.”

Salvo says their goal is to help people become better informed about the program and its potential implications.

“We’re really hoping for this event just to provide an opportunity to educate our community about the rules, regulations, what we need to know about Ohio’s program and what does it mean to us as a community,” she says.

Salvo says the coalition will also be using the free event as an opportunity to remind people that certain marijuana-based products pose a risk for addiction and impairment and should not be consumed by children.