NEW PHILADELPHIA - The County Commissioners have closed all county buildings to the public, but Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services is still operating with employees inside the building.


The public cannot enter the building, but there are options to contact staff and/or provide documents for assistance.


A mailbox has been placed inside the front doors for clients to leave documents. Please put your documents into an envelope and make sure your personal information (name, SSN, case number) is on the documents inside the envelope. The mail box is checked several times a day during business hours. After hours, the box is moved inside, but there is a mail slot on the glass door and clients can put their documents (within an envelope) through the mail slot.


The following are numbers and email addresses to contact for services:
Agency email to send forms/verifications:
Agency phone for questions: 330-339-7791 (follow prompts)
Agency email for questions:
Agency website for information:    
Children Services referral email:
Agency fraud referral phone number: 330-339-7791 (follow prompts)
Agency Facebook site for information: Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services


Information is also available in Spanish on our website or through (330) 339-7791 phone number.


When additional information becomes available, we will keep our agency website and Facebook site updated. For any additional questions, please call our agency at 330-339-7791.