SUGAR CREEK TOWNSHIP (WJER) - Sugar Creek Township is asking residents to approve a replacement levy to fund fire, ambulance, and EMT services. 

Issue 2 on today’s ballot is a five-year, 1.8-mill property tax levy to replace an existing levy. Trustee Ed Wilson says the new levy will collect between $90,000 to $95,000 per year, $10,000 more than the previous levy.

“This is the same millage that we’ve had for roughly the last 40 years I guess. It’s a replacement levy. It’s not a new levy but we do get some additional funds,” he says.

Wilson says Issue 2’s passage is crucial to funding the township’s fire and rescue.

“If it doesn’t pass, then we’ll have to take money out of other funds to cover this, and right now we’re sustaining everything that we need to with the other funds. If we take from other funds, it’s going to hurt our roads and different things like that,” he says.

The levy would begin in 2020, with first payments due in 2021.