New Philadelphia, Ohio (WTUZ) – Two men sentenced in unconnected cases filed complaints with the 5th District Court of Appeals and the judges have ruled in favor of the local court.

Tuscarawas County Assistant Prosecutor Mike Ernest explains that Randy Vento, who is serving a life in prison term for a 2016 attack on a Mineral City boy, appealed with the belief that two mistakes were made during his trial.

The second appeal involved Kenneth Baugh. He is serving 15 years in prison for fleeing and shooting at Uhrichsville Police Officers in 2016. Ernest points out that Baugh claimed the jury made an error in their verdict.

“The 5th District Court of Appeals overruled the appeal filed by [Baugh and Vento] essentially ending the cases. The time period for [both men] to seek any further appellate review has lapsed and no further action appears to be taken by [Baugh or Vento] at this time.”

Since the 5th District judges affirmed the decisions made at the Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court, Vento and Baugh’s appeals will end at the 5th District Court. - Mary Alice Reporting

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