New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - Police have now released the name of the pedestrian struck and killed on Tuscarawas Avenue at the Ray Avenue intersection Friday evening.  

Police Chief Mike Goodwin says 54-year-old John Brindley died when he stepped out into the northbound lane and was hit by a pickup truck driven by a 61-year-old Dover man.

“He was walking or attempting to cross Tuscarawas Avenue near Lam’s Oriental restaurant. Through the investigation, officers learned that he had just left the Circle K and was heading, they believe, back to his residence over on 12th St. NW,” he says.

Goodwin says the driver appeared to be obeying the 35-mile per hour speed limit there. The driver also reported that when Brindley stepped out in front of him, it was too late to avoid him.

“Once it does get dark and you have the street lights, it is really hard to see, sometimes, and you’re not expecting someone to step off of a curb out in front of you. That’s why we believe Mr. Brindley was not paying attention or he was under the influence of something,” he says.

Goodwin says it doesn’t appear as though the driver will be charged for the death, but he says they will still send a report to the prosecutor’s office for review, as per their normal procedure. He says they are still waiting on some blood testing to come back from the lab.