New Philadelphia, Ohio - The New Philadelphia Highway Patrol Post is urging people to think ahead and designate a sober driver as they plan their holiday celebrations.

Post commander Lt. Mark Glennon says they typically see an increase in impaired drivers around the New Year’s holiday.

“You usually see a lot of parties on that day and you see a lot of people that do go to those parties and consume alcohol and become impaired.”

Glennon says they will be combatting this with increased patrol and enforcement from now through New Year’s Day. 

“What we’ll do is we’ll have as many units out on the road as possible to be visible and make sure our roadways are safe,” he says. “We will also be utilizing federal overtime to provide more people on the road, especially during the nighttime hours, to look for OVI people or anybody that’s impaired by drugs or alcohol.” 

Glennon says they’re also asking people to do their part to keep the roadways safe by designating a sober driver. 

“The main message is if you are going to go to a party, if you do consume any alcohol or become impaired, make sure you have a plan in place ahead of time so that you can be taken care of and somebody can get you where you’re going to and get you back home safely. Make plans ahead of time so that you’re prepared for anything that may come up. 

Glennon says people can also report impaired drivers by dialing  #677 or calling the post at 330-339-1107.


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