New Philadelphia, Ohio - A Tuscarawas County Common Pleas Court judge has ordered that two of the three men charged in connection with a shooting in Oxford Township be held without bond.

Judge Edward O’Farrell issued the order Wednesday during a joint bail hearing for Lucian Lambes and Douglas Casteel. The two men are accused of opening fire on an SUV carrying three people during a drug deal turned robbery on December 5th. 

They and two others are facing multiple charges in connection with that incident including attempted murder, aggravated robbery, felonious assault, and conspiracy. Also charged are Ian Cultrona and Samantha Owen, who are accused of conspiring with Lambes and Casteel to set up the robbery.

The three men appeared in court last week for arraignment and pled not guilty to the charges. The judge released Cultrona on his own recognizance under Community Corrections supervision. He and the two other men were previously being held on million dollar bonds. 

Assistant County Prosecutor Mike Ernest says a judge can order a defendant held without bail under specific statutory circumstances or if they are likely to commit another crime if they are released. He says they felt they could make that argument for Lambes and Casteel because both were on release for other charges when the incident occurred, but not for Cultrona.

Owen was indicted on the same charges but has not yet been arraigned. Lisa A. Freetage of West Lafayette was also arrested during the investigation for allegedly allowing Casteel and Lambes to use her vehicle to commit the robbery. Her case is still pending in the grand jury. 

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