Donations are needed to have the new home of the Noah's Hope Child Advocacy Center move-in ready by June 1st. (Photo by Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV)

New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - An organization serving some of the most traumatized children in the county needs a little help as it moves to a new location. 

The Noah’s Hope Child Advocacy Center of Tuscarawas County is leasing a house in New Philadelphia where they will host interviews between law enforcement and health care professionals, and victims of child abuse. Executive Director Mandy Prosser says Noah’s Hope has operated out of a three-room office since it started in 2011.

“We have totally outgrown it, and so we have acquired a new building down on East High Avenue that has had to be renovated,” she says. “With those renovations come a lot of costs, and we are a nonprofit organization.”

Prosser says Buckeye Career Center has been amazing in helping convert the building from a residence to a commercial facility. But they still hope to collect about $40,000 to get the building ready by June 1st. When finished, it will provide a better place to conduct difficult investigations, with child-friendly interview rooms and separate rooms for professionals to watch on a closed-circuit channel.

“The children that we’ll serve, they are gonna have a space that is very welcoming, a place where they feel comfortable,” she says. “[It’s] a place where they’re going to have to talk about things that aren’t pleasant to talk about, so we want to make that space as comfortable, home-like, and welcoming as we can.”

Those wanting to help can call Noah’s Hope at 330-364-2777.



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