NEW PHILADELPHIA (Tusco TV) - Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s officials say they’ve recovered most of the mailboxes that were stolen overnight last Friday but they still don’t know who’s responsible or why they took them.

Sgt. Ed Jones says approximately 15 mailboxes were taken in total from homes in Goshen, Fairfield and Union townships. He says the majority were found dumped outside Roswell later that evening, but they don’t yet know what happened to the others. 

"We got a call from a gentleman who lives right on the outskirts of Roswell. When he got home, he noticed at the end of the road there was a pile of mailboxes. Our afternoon deputies went out and they located approximately 12 mailboxes."

He says they’re now working to return the recovered mailboxes to their rightful owners.

"The ones that have numbers on them, we’ve been in contact with those folks, trying to get them returned. We do actually have two silver mailboxes and one very large oversized black mailbox with no markings or no numbers on it. We’re trying to locate the owners of those. f anyone has that style mailbox and you’ve not been contacted yet, we’d like you to call in so we can see if it’s yours and get it returned." 

The thefts occurred along Henderson School, Ripley, Crum, and Holmes Church roads. There are no suspects at this time, and residents are being asked to call Jones at the sheriff’s office if they have any information or surveillance video that could help him track down a culprit.