Newcomerstown, Ohio (WTUZ)  – The Industrial Park in Newcomerstown is expanding with a new distribution center for 31 Inc.

For over 50 years, 31 Inc. has grown as an international tire supplies and repair manufacturing company.

Mayor Patrick Cadle says the new distribution center will sit on a 17-acre site.

“Their business has done so well over the past, I’ll say past five years in particular, that they needed more space just to keep up with the orders they had. They’re right in front of the Industrial Park and they actually have the vertical girders starting to go up. We’re happy for them and it’s going to bring some more jobs to Newcomerstown.”

Cadle anticipates 10-15 more jobs will be added once the new distribution center is completed.

No official date has been given for when this project will be finished. - Michele Spring Reporting

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