NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - The city’s service director says they are straying from the main road running through the city and beginning roadwork on the side streets through town. 

Ron McAbier says daytime paving will begin Monday for the 2019 construction season. He says it’ll be busy with work set for sections of Wabash Avenue, Third Street NW, Hummell Avenue and more.

“Our residents are going to see starting Monday morning that we’ll basically be running from sun-up to sun-down with paving,” he says.

McAbier says they opted to begin the work early despite the SR416 construction work that’s still going on.

“We could have waited a month or two months but you always have that opportunity for them to not be able to get you done,” he says.

Other areas on the city’s to-do list include parts of Second Street, Fifth Drive NW from West High to Ashwood Lane, and Front Avenue NW from the railroad tracks to West High. 


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