Dover, Ohio (WJER) - The cold weather hasn’t been enough to keep postal carriers from doing their jobs. 

Dover Postmaster Lisa Kropff says she has 10 city carriers and six rural carriers who all reported to work to deliver mail Wednesday.

“We gave a service talk this morning, and my people are very prepared. I’m very proud of them because we’ve had no sick calls today. They all knew what they were in for when they were in for,” she says.

Kropff says they talked ahead of time about tips for not having anything too bulky on their hands, so they can still separate the mail in this cold.

“There’s actually a trick to that. If you put a latex glove over a thinner glove, it actually keeps the heat in, the warmth in,” she says. “I went out and bought them all heat warmers for their hands, and we’re actually making hot chocolate right now, and we’re taking hot chocolate out to all our carriers to try it keep them as warm as possible out there.”

Kropff says everyone else can help out in front of their homes too.

“The biggest thing for us is just make sure there’s a clear path to the mailbox so we can get to it,” she says. “If it’s frozen shut, try to open it’s open so we can actually get into your mailbox.” 

Meanwhile, the US Postal Service did tell district post offices to pull their carriers off their routes by 2 pm today. People who don’t get their mail today will be the first on the delivery list for Thursday.     


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