Staff from the New Philadelphia Little Caesars climbed aboard one of the company's mobile units recently to serve up lunch at the Dover-New Phila Salvation Army and Friends of the Homeless. (Littel Caesars Pizza New Philadelphia)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - A local pizza shop has been able to provide some variety for those who come to the Dover-New Phila Salvation Army for its soup kitchen at lunchtime. 

New Philadelphia Little Caesars Co-Owner Andrea Tyson says they brought the corporate Love Kitchen out of Detroit to the Salvation Army to feed everyone in need there Tuesday. She says it’s one of the company’s big mobile kitchens that have been all over the nation, and the local franchisees work in there to make the pizza.

“They started out in the 80’s with just one truck, and now there are multiple trucks out on the road. They went to 9-11. Anytime there’s a disaster, they’re there. They just load up, they take their crew, and they go and give out pizza,” she says.

Tyson says they’ve done this for six years now, and corporate always comes through when she requests to schedule a truck here.

“Because we’re always very willing to do this, we’re usually one of the first on the list that they call because they know how much my husband and I love doing this,” she says. “We never have to wait in line for it because they know no matter what it’s a yes. We love doing it. It’s our favorite day of the year.”

Tyson says they had given out 42 pizzas in just the first half-hour, with stops planned for later in the day at the Friends of the Homeless shelter and a few other locations to reach those unable to make it to the Salvation Army.   


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