31-year-old Josh Lippencott accepted an 11-year-plea deal Tuesday to avoid representing himself during his trial for the 2017 death of David A. Robinson. He rejected the same deal the previous day after the state denied his request a weeklong-furlough. (Photo by Ryan Pastircak, WJER Radio)

NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - The former Gnadenhutten man ascribed for the 2017 death of David A. Robinson has avoided trial in which he was poised to represent himself. 

31-year-old Joshua Lippencott fired his attorney Monday before rejecting the state’s plea bargain which failed to recognize his request for furlough ahead an 11-year prison sentence. Common Pleas Court Judge Edward O’Farrell advised Lippencott against that decision.

“I’m just telling you from the heart, Josh. I’ve never seen a man or woman act as their own lawyer in a criminal case who has done a job that I thought was better than a lawyer’s, better than the worst lawyer, so that’s been my experience in the last 38 years,” the judge cautioned Lippencott during the hearing.  

Lippencott assaulted Robinson in October 2017 while Robinson was mowing near the road in front of his home on Petry Hill Road SE. He was hospitalized and released but died a week later. Autopsy reports show he succumbed to a meningitis infection brought on by the assault.

Ahead of his trial Tuesday, Lippencott requested to enter back into the state’s original agreement for 11-years in prison in exchange for a guilty plea on all counts including domestic violence, felonious assault, and involuntary manslaughter. His sentencing has been set for the end of July. 


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