UHRICHSVILLE (WJER) - The city's Democratic voters are reorganizing council chambers with the primary challenger Mark Haney taking down incumbent Rick Dorland by a 35-vote margin. Haney brought in 195 votes over Dorland’s 160. 

Haney says he’s happy to see the hard work pay off. 

“We campaigned pretty hard for a couple months, and we’re happy with the results, and like we said before, we’ve got a lot of goals and some things we want to work on, and we hope to be able to achieve those,” he says. “We’ll talk to the mayor about a smooth transition over the next six months and see where we’re at.” 

Dorland says he’s disappointed to put an expiration date on his term, but he says he plans to finish it off strong. 

“Nothing’s going to change on this end. I’m going to continue to serve the city and its residents like I have for the last three and a half years, and I’m not gonna slack off,” he says.

Haney currently is running unopposed in the general election, although the deadline for write-in candidates is August 29th. 



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