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Dover Avenue third-graders spent time with Dover police officers and firefighters during a recent field trip to the city's headquarters. (Photos by Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV)

Dover, Ohio (WJER) - Dover Avenue third-graders have a better understanding of local government after taking a field trip to the city’s headquarters.

Teachers Denise Grimm and Beth Maybaugh took their students downtown Friday for a civics lesson featuring firefighters, police and the mayor. Grimm says this is something they do every year to show students the real-world applications of what they’re learning in school.

“We’re visiting the fire station and police department and city hall. It goes along with our third-grade social studies standards. Usually, the mayor will stop in and talk with the kids too about city government,” she says. “Local history and our local town is basically the third-grade standard, so we learn a lot about that by coming down here.” 

Firefighters gave the groups a tour of their station and demonstrated some of the tools they use in fires and medical emergencies. Grimm says the fire department always does a great job of making it a fun and interactive experience for the students. 

“They show us the equipment on their trucks and talk about when they would take certain trucks out and what equipment is for which situations and they’re great with the kids. They talk down on their level, and they make it enjoyable,” she says.

The classes also went behind the scenes at the Dover Police station and got an up-close look at one of the cruisers. Grimm says this part of the trip was a big hit with the students. 

“They love it. They loved the police department a lot. They enjoyed that and getting to play with the lights on the car and hearing the siren. They enjoyed seeing where the old jail used to be,” she says.

Maybaugh says this is also an opportunity to get the kids thinking about future careers in public service. 

“They love seeing both departments have former Dover Avenue students, so it’s a nice connection to see the things they can do when they grow up,” she says.

The field trip concluded with a lesson on local government from Mayor Richard Homrighausen. 

“When I have them back in council chambers, I teach them how legislation goes through city council, the number of readings, if it’s an emergency, all of that good stuff,” he says.

Homrighausen says these visits are as fun for them as they are for the students.