Dennison, Ohio (WTUZ) – A new playground is expected to be ready for use this fall for students at Claymont Intermediate.

The total cost for the new equipment and work is almost $100,000. Building Principal Richard Page explains that so far, through organization grants, they have raised about $43,000, and the hope is to not use any school money. “Our goal is to get phase 1 started in July and then ease our way in as the money comes in. Phase 1 is a jungle gym and getting the texture of the ground ready.” He points out that in the end, the goal is to have a variety of equipment, such as a climbing wall and basketball court, for the children to have fun on. As of now, students play on 3rd Street that is barricaded during lunch time. The new play area, where the Northside building was, will connect to the existing gym.  - Mary Alice Reporting:

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