NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - A veteran Tuscarawas County voting official is reflecting on her time there as she gets ready to move on from the position.  

Tuscarawas County Board Of Elections Deputy Director Sarah Kneuss has announced she is resigning, and her last day will be October 4th.  

“It’s time to spend some more time with my family. My husband’s businesses are growing, and I’d like to help him more,” she says. “There’s no good time for a director or a deputy director to step down, so I just chose the date based on the fact that we would be having the ballots ready and all of the equipment would be tested by then.” 
Kneuss says she started accepted the position in 2006 when approached by board member Doug Wills.  

“I was teaching high school at the time, and with the change over of the voting system to an electronic system, he thought that would be right up my alley since my degree was in computer science,” she says.

Kneuss says she’s helped oversee many changes during her time as deputy director. 

“I’ve been a part of the process to implement two new voting systems in the county, a lot of security updates. We’ve cross-trained a lot of the staff that was here. There’s been a lot of little things here and there also,” she says. 

It will be up to Republicans to choose a new deputy director.