NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - City officials are looking for residents’ input as they consider making part of 1st Drive NW a one-way street. 

Council member John Zucal says that street between North Avenue NW and Ray Avenue NW near Central Elementary can become congested during pick up and drop off times. He says they want to know if making that a one-way street flowing north can make things a little smoother.

“It’s really about a one-block stretch that essentially runs along Central Elementary School, and over a period of time there’s been concern expressed by the residents,” he says. “I serve in two capacities, both of which are very close together, as the principal of that elementary school and also as the Ward 2 representative to city council where that section of street does run.”

Zucal says alleviating the traffic situation around the school will improve safety while also easing congestion for drivers, but he says he wants to make sure the residents in that area are on board with the decision first.

“What is going to be better for them? That’s something I feel as a council person and even if I was the building principal only is something I want to do is to reach out to the neighbors who are affected by this, get their feedback, get their insight and say this is what we need to do,” he says.

Zucal says he will be going door to door to talk to ward two residents. He says he will also be leaving letters asking for comments on the matter before a final decision is made. 


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