The Tuscarawas County Courthouse Annex will be losing its wallpaper in the coming months in favor of a fresh coat of paint. (Photo by Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV)

New Philadelphia, Ohio - The interior of the Tuscarawas County Courthouse Annex will be getting a fresh, new look and losing its 30-year-old wallpaper.

Tuscarawas County Commissioner Al Landis says Gor-Con Construction of Dover will be coming in to replace all of the building’s wall coverings with a fresh coat of paint. He says that while the building might look fine on the outside, its interior is long overdue for a makeover. 

"If you walk through, it doesn’t take a real keen eye to see that the glue is actually permeating through the wallpaper that’s been up for this period of time, and the wallpaper is starting to peel," he says.

Landis says the total cost of the project is just under $121,000, about $10,000 more than the engineer’s original estimate. He says they’re not surprised by this because of the extent of the work that needs to be completed.

"You look at the size of the annex, and it’s certainly going to be a very large project just removing the wallpaper, removing the glue, going back and doing surface preparation on the wall before you actually go back and paint it," he says.

Landis says the project is expected to get underway shortly and is expected to take about four months to complete. 


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