BOLIVAR (TuscoTV) - The Bolivar Village Council held their monthly meeting Monday evening to discuss pay raises, Zoning updates, resolving water loans, and the Strawberry Festival, among other issues.


Fire Chief Shawn Lynch spoke first to present the Council with the updated FD contract.

“I know we’re tardy with it,” Lynch says. “The reason being, we were bouncing back and forth on language with the Township Trustees, and you guys are a rider to the contract. They actually signed it over the weekend.”


Lynch says because the contract is late, the Department does not expect an emergency vote from the Council.


“We’re obviously still taking calls; we’re into March now. So, if you want to have your three readings, that’s completely fine; the board’s fine with that. Just sign it at your leisure.”


Next to speak, Mayor Rebecca Hubble clarified the future of the Strawberry Festival.

“Originally, after Mr. Liebold passed away —because we were only a two-person committee— I was just under the assumption that we wouldn't have Strawberry Festival.”


But Bob Smith of Smith ambulance saved the day, Hubble says. They formed a Bolivar Main Street committee in Jaunary, elected a President and Vice President and filed paper work. And now Strawberry Festival will take place June 18th, 19th, and 20th.


Hubble encourages the public to participate.

“I do invite all the public to attend. Any meetings that we have are open to the public. We request anyone that wants to be a part of it to be a part of it.”


The next Bolivar Main Street meeting is March 16th at the Bolivar library. Hubble says Bolivar residence is not required to join or attend.


Hubble concludes with gratitude for all the help the village has received on the project.

“I’m very grateful for the help from those within the community and area places the have been helping us. I’m very thankful for that. I think it’s going to be a great thing, a new beginning. I think it’ll be a great new festival; I’m looking forward to it.”


Following Hubble, Council member Megan Gattan encouraged residents to attend the next Zoning meeting on April 2nd, to discuss increased parking downtown. 


She also wants the public to know Zoning is concentrating on property upkeep.

“Things are warming up,” Gattan says. “So Zoning is really focussing on upkeep of property. I request anyone with questions to contact us to help you understand what is or is not acceptable.”


In other business, the Council passed a resolution for a 1% interest water loan from the OEP, approved funds for landscaping at Bolivar Library, contracted installation of storm drains on Tuscarawas, and approved a flat 2-percent pay raise for paid and salaried employees.


The Council will reconvene April 6th at 7 p.m. at Village Hall, 117 Canal St. located inside the Police Department.