New Philadelphia, Ohio (WJER) - The Tuscarawas County Commissioners are now considering bids for a demolition project happening just down the street from their offices. 

Commissioners say the three-story building at 160 1st Drive NE will be coming down soon to make way for a new employee parking lot. Project architect Bruce Widder says there will be a lot to clean up once it finally comes down. 

“That project would be to remove the existing building, brick on the outside, clay tile on the outside. The entire interior is wood post and beam construction, wood floors. That will all have to come down and be removed from [the] site,” he says.

Widder says it’ll be a sensitive job to bring down the building that has a shared wall on one side and heavy materials all around.

“The project will involve securing and makinh sure that the parting wall stays in tact, redoing    fleshing, redoing roofing and putting a metal skin on the exposed wall at that point in time, all within the original bid,” he says. “That is all subject to attorneys working with those owners and making sure that all is handled.”

The commissioners expect the project will cost about $200,00 with four contractors having entered bids within the awardable range. 


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