New Philadelphia, Ohio - The Tuscarawas County Commissioner have finalized a new lighting schedule for the Tuscarawas County Courthouse. 

Commissioner Joe Sciarretti says they recently made several modifications to the schedule that outlines the colors that will be displayed during holidays and other observances. He says the changes were minor and included extending the red-and-green Christmas lighting through December 30th and changing the New Year’s lighting from yellow and white to yellow and purple. He says that aside from that, there were no significant changes from the original lighting schedule they approved before Thanksgiving. 

Residents will next see the courthouse lit up next in red, white and blue for Martin Luther King Day on January 21st, and again on February 18th for Presidents Day. The same colors will also be displayed in observance of Memorial Day, Independence Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and on the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. 

Sciarretti says the new lights will also be used throughout the year in observance of various causes including developmental disabilities awareness, child abuse and neglect prevention, prostate and breast cancer awareness and Red Ribbon Week. 

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