Tuscarawas County, Ohio (WJER) - County Democrats had to turn to an unconventional method to fill the Ward 4 Uhrichsville council seat vacancy. 

The four-member Democratic Central Committee had to flip a coin to determine a winner between Amy Myers and Linda Davis after their votes were tied two-two three times. Committee member Martha Campbell says in the end, Davis won the coin flip and the council seat.

“It was quite interesting in all the time I’ve been serving as a central committee member or precinct committee member, I’ve never had to make a choice by flipping a coin, so that was quite unique for us,” she says.  

Campbell says she spoke with Bill DeMora of the Ohio Democratic Party and county elections board President Allan Sayre, and they both agreed the coin flip would be fair for the two candidates.

“I selected a number, wrote it on a piece of paper, handed it to another committee, and then had both of them select a number between 1 and 10. The person that was closest to the number became heads and the other one became tale, and we flipped a coin,” she says.  

Davis previously served as an at-large council member and will serve out the one year left on the term of Cathy Cottis, who recently resigned to take a position with the Union Cemetery Board.