DOVER (WJER) - Community Mental Healthcare officials say they have the availability to take on additional clients in light of a neighboring treatment program’s shutdown announcement.

Spokesman Miles Riley says when the Tuscarawas County Health Department officially discontinues their substance abuse treatment services in November, CMH will be ready for the influx of patients still in need of treatment.

“We certainly have the bandwidth to accept many more people into that program. Even though the opioid crisis has kind of slowed here in the last year or so, our program is still running and we’re still offering Vivitrol and Suboxone as treatment options,” he says.

In addition to their medication-assisted treatment options for opioid addiction, Riley says CMH provides support for other areas of substance abuse…(as they also have a complete substance use treatment team)

“We also have a complete substance use treatment team as well. Not everybody who’s battling addiction is on opioids or battling alcoholism. They don’t necessarily require Vivitrol or Suboxone in their treatment plan,” he says.

The county health department is referring its approximately 60 addiction clients to CMH as well as Personal and Family Counseling Services. 


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