The City of Uhrichsville is planning some temporary repairs to a section of Trenton Avenue riddled with potholes. (Photo by Stacey Carmany)  

Uhrichsville, Ohio - City officials are planning some temporary repairs to a section of Trenton Avenue riddled with potholes.

Uhrichsville Mayor Rick Dorland says he and Service Director Joe Bollon met recently with officials from the Ohio Department of Transportation after learning that work on the road had been delayed until next year. He says the two were told that the city will be responsible for taking care of the issue.

“The contractor is unable to start digging up the road and stuff prior to the project beginning, and of course, ODOT’s not going to fork out any money to pave,” he says. 

The city had previously planned to “piggyback” off of the work being done by ODOT, which includes repairs to the bridge and the resurfacing of a portion of the road near the entrance to US-36.  

Dorland says the city will work with the contractor to determine a price to pave over the rough spots as a temporary fix until the project begins next year.  

“We’re just going to put a thin layer of asphalt over those potholes and everything as you go up the hill,” he explains. “It shouldn’t cost us very much, but that’s the only thing we can do. The city is just going to have to eat that cost.”

Dorland says he has not yet received confirmation from the contractor on the exact date that the work will begin, although he says it will have to be before mid-November, whenever the asphalt plants shut down for the year.

“Hopefully, he’ll be getting on it pretty quick,” he says.


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