NEW PHILADELPHIA (WJER) - Tuscora Park will be alive with hundreds of kids and their parents taking advantage of their annual discount day. 

The WJER Nickel Day at Tuscora Park begins at 11:30 Wednesday morning and runs through 4 pm. Park Assistant Superintendent Chase Hostetler says they do this to give everyone a chance to have a day outside with their families without hurting their wallets.

“People who either just like the chaos of Nickel Day or it’s for those who might not have the funds to come through the year. This is your opportunity. Dig through your couch, find your nickels, and come and enjoy what the park has to offer,” he says.

Hostetler says they’ll keep their eye on the sky with a chance of rain in the afternoon, but he says it’ll take more than a few drops to rain out their fun times. 

“If there’s thunder and lightning, just like Cedar Point, we’re not going to operate rides while there is any type of severe weather going on. Light rain, we will be out and operating. We plan on being open pending severe weather,” he says.

Visitors to the WJER Nickel Day can ride any ride, enter the pool and get one of the first 1,000 bags of popcorn for just a nickel. 


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