Port Washington, Ohio (WTUZ) – A local volunteer fire service was awarded a grant from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to purchase equipment to significantly reduce or eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses.

The Delaware Valley Fire District was awarded over $27,321 to purchase one rescue spreader, one rescue cutter, one rescue ram, a combination tool and one energy pack accessory and case.

Chief John Bourne says these four new tools are invaluable to a department like theirs, especially since some days there may only be two staff members on at a time.

“The new ones are going to be all battery-operated, so we don’t have to carry hoses and the power units. It will make it quicker for our response, too. Instead of starting the power units and hooking up the hoses, all we have to do is carry the tools to the scene and start the extrication.”

To qualify for the grants, employers across the state had to share why their current equipment was harmful to their staff.

“We had to fill out a questionnaire and survey of how many rescues would go on and how the current tools that we have are kind of harmful to the firefighters performing the extrication on auto wrecks.”

Chief Bourne says they assist with about fifteen to twenty extrications a year.

The Delaware Valley Fire District provides coverage and rescue services for Salem Township and the Village of Port Washington, as well as provide assistance to the surrounding townships. Currently, there are twelve firefighters on the roster. - Michele Spring Reporting

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