The Village of Newcomerstown recently took ownership of the former Simonds Industrial site on Heller Drive. The plan is to demolish the remaining structures on the property and repurose the land for public use. (Photo by Stacey Carmany, Tusco TV)

Newcomerstown, Ohio - Efforts to tear down a decaying village landmark are quickly gaining momentum. 

Last month, Newcomerstown officials learned that the village’s application to take ownership of the former Simonds Industrial site on Heller Drive had been approved by the county. 

Mayor Pat Cadle says the paperwork has now been finalized, and the village can begin getting to work on the project, with the ultimate goal of repurposing the 36-acre property for public use.   

Cadle says the village is working closely with the Economic Development and Finance Alliance of Tuscarawas County to find ways to reduce the cost of the demolishing the site’s decaying buildings.

“After going through it all, they were pretty enthusiastic about wanting to help us. So that is a big, big deal,” he says.

Cadle says the organization may be able to provide a contractor to do the work in exchange for the scrap from the buildings. He says that if everything works out, the village would only be responsible for administrative costs.

Before any work can begin, however, the Ohio EPA must complete its review of the site, which is expected to several months.

“Hopefully, three or four months from now, you’re looking February or March, we can hopefully get a contractor ready to go in and start taking care of Simonds and get that leveled before the end of next year,” he says.

The former industrial site has been subject to monitoring since a cleanup of the property was ordered in the late 80s. The property has been vacant since the metal file manufacturer closed its doors in 2007.


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