BARNHILL (WJER) - Barnhill village officials are hoping voters will approve a 5-year, 5-mill levy on the November ballot so the village can avoid fiscal emergency by 2021. 

Fiscal Officer Jan Aldergate says the levy would cost the owner of a $120,000 dollar home about $140 a year, collecting around $14,000 annually. Aldergate says that money would allow them to keep the few services they are currently struggling to provide.

“I’m hoping to build up a little bit of a fund there to put in for any emergencies and things like repairs to the village hall. The village hall is over a hundred years old, and it was built without any foundations,” she says.

Aldergate says she doesn’t expect most residents will see their property taxes go up $140 though.

“It’s based on the value of houses, and he’s looking at the average property value out in Barnhill, and I think he’s slightly over-estimated that but it would be between $10,000 and $14,000 a year,” she says.

Aldergate says without the levy, she expects the village will be in fiscal emergency before the end of 2021.